Xiang (Tommy) Yue (岳 翔)

PhD student, The Ohio State University, OH, U.S.

Email: yue.149 AT osu DOT edu

Group: Honored to be part of the wonderful team!


I'm currently a first-year PhD student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University (OSU). I'm fortunately working with Prof. Huan Sun to explore more in Data Mining.

Prior to joining OSU, I received my B.E. in the School of Computer Science at Wuhan University (WHU), China in 2018. At WHU, I worked with Prof. Wen Zhang in Biomedical Big Data Mining Lab (BBDM-Lab). We adopted many data mining technologies, i.e. recommender systems, graph and network models to solve problems in medicine and biology.

What's New

  • [Sept 2018] - I will serve as a PC member for BIBM 2018
  • [Aug 2018] - Join OSU and start the new journey!
  • [June 2018] - Win Excellent Graduation Thesis Award of WHU (top 5%)
  • [June 2018] - I gave an online talk about "Predicting drug-disease associations based on machine learning methods" [Slides]
  • [May 2018] - Our two recent papers on "drug-disease associations prediction" have been accepted by Methods and BMC Bioinformatics.
  • [May 2018] - Win Outstanding Graduates of WHU (top 10%)

Last Updated: 9/2018